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Streamlined analysis platform

Automating your organoid analysis pipeline for faster, more relevant drug response insights


Acquire images and upload files

Capture images on your microscope and upload them to our user-friendly platform


Cloud storage and file management

Our platform will compress and store your images in a manageable way

 AI Image analysis and data interpretation

Our AI-driven analysis is integrated into our platform to provide you meaningfull insights

Data visualization and table generation

Our platform will automate the process of graphing and preparing tables for downstream analyses

Drug screening insights integrated into your analysis workflow

Wavy Abstract Background

Case Study:

High-throughput drug screening automation


  • 1280 compounds

  • 6144 wells

Acquired images

  • 4 images per well

  • 24,578 images

Data storage

  • 33 GB per plate

  • 528 GB total

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